Discover what’s possible

No matter your pre-exsisting condition, age, or the effects of the ravages of time on a well used body, ICE Recumbent Trikes offer access to the outdoors in a way you will have never thought possible..

Amputation, Stroke, Brain Injury, Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, MS, General Fatigue or Impaired Balance. These are NO barrier to an ICE Recumbent Trike. Custom “Off the Shelf” controls for adaptive single arm or leg use. Standard Controls for Able-Bodied use, also Electric Pedal Assist with Auto & Manual Gear-Changing makes the Impossible – Possible. *No previous cycling experience required.

satisfy your taste for adventure

ICE Recumbents are comfortable and fast. Race, Tour, Commute or Off Road adventure.

Prepair to meet interesting people along the way.

For extra boost also available with Shimano E-Assist.

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*Six manual models and four with Electric -Assist of which three can be purchased off the shelf with our Fast Track Programme or built your exact specification. Click Here to see the Adapt-e ICE range.

TIme to Go wild

The Freedom that ICE Recumbent Trikes offer both Able-bodied and Adaptive riders On and Off road is amazing.

But be warned once you have had a go on an ICE Recumbent we guarantee you will be hooked, **No previous cycling experience required.

Check out our Riders Page about the difference recumbent triking has made to so many people able-bodied and adaptive riders alike, improvements both to physical and metal wellbeing, the re-integration with family and friends, simply doing stuff everyone else takes for granted. Doing that thing called Adventure.

when you are done it just folds away

ICE Trikes are built to the highest standards down in Falmouth Cornwall. Established in 1998 quality is assured through rigorous testing, innovation and development.

At Adapt-e we think you will find no better recumbent to suit both able-bodied or adaptive cycling needs and our customers agree.